Arabica Coffee

Arabica is from the “coffea arabica” tree or shrub and needs extensive nurturing to grow; taking years before the first harvest. By comparison, Robusta plants, “coffea laurentii,” are hardy, large plants that grow at lower elevations and produce a softer bean with less flavor.

Our Arabica coffees are grown on small farms at high altitudes for a distinctive flavor in each single origin seed (type of coffee from a region or country). High-grown coffees take longer to mature, with a resulting bean that is large, dense, and more flavorful. Shade trees, such as banana, rubber, and orange, growing around the coffee fields also add subtle flavor to the coffee. Arabica coffees are of such high quality they require careful handpicking every day during the season. Only the red cherries are picked each time. Robusta coffees are grown on the flatter land in rows and machine picked, stripping the trees of every bean – green, ripe red, overripe, rotten, etc. One bad bean used in a pot of coffee affects the taste of the whole pot.

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